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An interesting and fun overview

Nice to be able to go back to an estate I was drinking 30 years ago. All the positive reviews made me think I was missing something.

They remain good, solid wines. I really enjoyed the semillon, the Fergus was singing and only the cab merlot disappointed

Definitely and absolutely worth it for the chance to sample. 200%

I’m sure I’ll grab some of the individual wines shortly


Favourite shiraz by far. Great value

Very nice wine & very good value
Smooth delivery service

Consistent Joseph

As good as the earler vintage, perhaps better. Deeply satisfying

Unique flavour

So pleased to have found this wine again. First tasted in restaurant in New Zealand many years ago and liked it so much we went without pudding and got a second bottle instead! Lucky enough to also visit the vineyard and see the blue gum trees that give the distinctive eucalyptus and mint flavours. Possibly not to everyone’s taste but we love it. Excellent and speedy delivery too.

Excellent value Clare red

From one of the Clare Valley’s smaller, but distinguished, wineries, whose wines you don’t see much of over this way (thanks, AWC), this is a full, rich balanced mouthful of Cab Sav/Shiraz Blend drinking well now but good for, I reckon, at least another 5-8 yrs.

Brilliant Shiraz

An incredible value Aussie Shiraz. Tim Adams never fails to deliver. The addition of grapes from the Aberfeldy vineyard really adds to the quality of the wine.

Excellent aperitif wine

I have been drinking this wine for many years, having long preferred Aussie rieslings to NZ sauvignon blanc. I used to buy always from Tesco but they have discontinued this offering - along with so many decent wines - as they chase the price point and sacrifice quality. So this was my first direct purchase from Tim Adams - brilliant fast next-day delivery, just before Christmas. A wine to drink young and to enjoy!

A. Mixed bag

As perhaps one might expect, the 4 wines were of differing quality.
2 were ‘Premium’, as advertised, but 2 were nothing special - perfectly drinkable but everyday quaffing wines.


Great product and seamless delivery

Eldredge Blue Chip 2017

Another good year from this consistently solid Shiraz. Thanks for the recommendation years ago Craig!!

The Fergus 2015

As always, first class service from Tim Adams. Haven't tasted the wine - keeping to enjoy over Christmas.


The Wizards case contained top quality and unusual Aussie wines, including Water Wheel Shiraz, which you can't just pick up in the local supermarket. I highly recommend AWC for both friendly service and great wines.

The AWC Christmas Case 6x75cl
AWC Christmas Case.

Great! I ordered it because I have previously tried all the bottles in it. All good wines and good value for my hard earned! Highly recommended. Haven't consumed it all yet, will undoubtedly over Christmas, I'll pour it out to any family & friends (Covid Regs allowing) with confidence, small glasses because I want to drink it too.

Always Interesting Wines in this case

This case has been marketed by AWC for a number of years. You can either select the mixed red/white case or the all red case. It is a great way to sample their fairly varied stock without splashing out on larger quantities of the usual 6 or 12 bottle case of a single wine. I can assure you that the people running this business are totally focused on Aussie wines and after buying from them for well over 10 years I feel they know their trade very well and can see they have great contacts down under. There is also the advantage that if you don’t fancy the mixed or all reds case then you can just tell them to "skip" that 3 monthly case.
PS if you are really into quality Aussie wines you can ask to receive details of the 3 monthly Super 12 cases. It works in the same way as the Wizards Case and you email them the word “skip” for any quarter's case you don’t fancy. The AWC website does not always display the latest Super 12 or Wizards case details so it is best to receive details by email.

Dolce Vita

A superb full-bodied wine that lives up to everything it says on the tin or, in this case, the AWC website: plum, cherry, pepper and spice. The Italian touch is there by blending the Shiraz with 15% Sangiovese grape. The website says, also, that it can improve for up to five years but it’s wonderful now and I doubt if I can be patient for that long.

Tim Adams shiraz

Have been buying this wind for many years. It smells of shiraz and tastes of shiraz it's gorgeous. Have bought many wines three times the price nowhere near as good.

May need more ageing

I was rather underwhelmed; unfortunately. It just didn’t open up which makes me think maybe it needs more ageing.I hope I’m right; because other 5 bottles have gone to lay down for a while.

This 2017 vintage wine is exceptional

You might think you have tasted Tim Adams Shiraz before but I do urge you to give the Shiraz 2017 vintage a try. It is really rich and flavorsome and I feel it is not an exageration to say I feel this is the best wine for £12 you will find anywhere. What more can I say except I luckily purchased 12 bottles already.

Tim Adams Sampler

Only half way through the case, but everything very good so far ! A good way to try out their various wines.

Tim Adams Shiraz 2016

Great wine with a fabulous full bodied and smooth taste. I enjoyed the Tesco 2014 Tim Adams Shiraz however, this has been discontinued. The 2016 is a good alternative to the Tesco wine and still available through the TA site although it does not quite match the 2014 vintage

Tim Adams Schaefer Shiraz 2014 14.5% Single Bottle
Absolutely Superb Shiraz

This Shiraz is superb on all fronts. Very mellow . Superbly drinkable and great service. Highly recommended for any special occasion.

Great wine and service

This a truly great wine and the service to supply it was wonderful, well done!

Delicious Aussie wine

I love this wine - thick and beautiful just like me!

Australia from your armchair

If you haven't subscribed or upgraded to the Super12 wine plan, I urge you to do it. It's a class above the Wizards. Having said that, I subscribe to both. Perfect.